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Stands for people who are experiencing difficulties in both mentally and physically.

Our company offers a range of services in Australia, serving not only elderly but also individuals with disabilities and those requiring supports due to accidents.

Our team consists of trained and highly skilled carers who are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your daily goals and meeting your various needs. This includes providing support in areas such as personal care, social interactions, daily living, transportation, learning and clinical care support.

Our primary goal is to provide a holistic service that enhances the well-being and safety of the broader community.

At One Dream Community, we are committed to delivering exceptional service characterised by respect, dedication, and attentiveness at all times.

Do I have to do everything myself ?(NDIS)

We can work with your current plan manager or coordinator of supports to find and engage the supports you need though the platform.

We also have a customer care team on hand who can help you to get set up and match you with workers providing the services you’re looking for.

We, One Dream Community, are able to deal with a comprehensive service area as below,

  • 1 Coordination of Supports
  • 2 Registered Plan Management
  • 3 Assist Personal Activities
  • 4 Assist-Travel/Transport
  • 5 Community Nursing Care
  • 6 Physical Well-being Activities
  • 7 Therapeutic Supports
  • 8 Group/Centre-Based Activities
  • 9 Development of Daily Living/Life Skills
  • 10 Household Tasks
  • 11 Participation in Community/Social/Civic          Activities
  • 12 Respite Care 24 hours
  • 13 Short Term Accommodation/Assistance
  • 14 Early Childhood Intervention Supports
  • 15 School Leaver Employment Service &          job Training
  • 16 Workplace assistance
What is Home Care Package able to do?

Once client obtains approval of my aged care assessment, it is available to begin with HCP(Home Care Package) funded by Australian Government. Providing services are as below,

  • 1 Personal Home Care Service
  • 2 Domestic Care
  • 3 Medication Support
  • 4 Therapeutic Support
  • 5 Transport
  • 6 Gardening and Maintenance
  • 7 Meal Preparation
  • 8 Care Giver Support
  • 9 Community Participation Support

Our Clients

Supporting and facilitating improved quality of life and independence for Clients.

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